Technical office – engineering office

Specialist fields: mechanical engineering, process engineering, electrical engineering
Generally sworn and court-certified technical experts

Panwinkler Technical Consulting GmbH

Freistädter Strasse 405, 4040 Linz, Austria
Tel.:+43 732 781644-0
Fax: +43 732 781644-620

Ernst Panwinkler (engineer)

Branch office, Vienna:
Tech Gate Vienna, Donau-City-Strasse 1, 1220 Wien
Tel.:+43 1 20501-69100
Fax: +43 1 20501-69900

Directions to the Linz headquarters

At the Linz junction, leave the A1 and take the A7 in the direction of Linz, Prague, Freistadt. Follow the road for 15.02 km. Leave the A7 at the Linz-Dornach exit in the direction of Linz-Dornach and turn right into Freistädterstrasse in the direction of Perg, Gallneukirchen. Follow the road for 1.63 km as far as the commercial building, where you will see a tobacconist’s on the left.