Best connections

Constantly high quality of the services and reliable support of the customers belong to the self image of the Panwinkler Tech Consult. This is made possible and ensured by a close net of noted partners and organisations, under whose roof we coordinate our strategies and gather strength.

Panwinkler Tech Consult is member at the following organisations: 

CRAWFORD - Panwinkler Tech Consult is proud to be  partner in the world-wide network of Crawford & company. The world-wide network of Crawford & company with approximately 10,000 experts and Loss Adjusters extends over 67 countries in the world and has been having experience as established independent expert enterprise for the insurance industry, industrial economy and broker for over 25 years.

FUEDI - The European Federation of Loss Adjusting ExpertAFILA - Austrian Federation of Independent Loss Adjuster    Fachverband für Ingenieurbüros  (Professional association for engineer's offices)Sachverständigenverband für OÖ und Salzburg (Expert federation for Upper Austria and Salzburg)

Interesting and continuative links to the special field: